Emilia Wilk ✿

Emilia Wilk, polish painter, was born in Wałcz County, Poland. "For many years the center of my interest is Art. Even as a 6-year-old girl i paint canvas of my father.  I remember my first painting was a copy of a man. I thought then, that painting is easy. Now I know that I was wrong. My work many times have led me to tears.
The woman figure has always been at the center of her work which she try to capture with a great atmosphere and light.
Education: Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk

 'Dici che mi vuoi
vuoi bermi lentamente
inebriarti di me le tue vene
...dici che mi vuoi
vuoi danzarmi addosso
scivolarti di me sulla tua pelle...
eppur j'ai peur...'

~ Catherine La Rose ©2010 ~

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