Hans MAKART ~The Five Senses 1872-79 ✿

 Austrian painter Hans Makart and it’s title is Die Fünf Sinne, or “The Five Senses.” The oil painting consists of five panels completed in 1879, though other sources claim he worked on it off and on from 1840 until 1884.
The five-paneled oil painting which is portrayed above was, on account of the notoriety of its author, one of the chief attractions of the Austrian galleries in the Art Palace. It was a study in the nude, showing five different views of an ideal female human form. The senses of Smelling, Seeing, Hearing, Touching and Tasting are represented as in action, and in Tasting, Eve plucks the fruit from that forbidden tree “whose mortal taste brought death into the world, and all our woe with loss of Eden.” The sense of Touching, on the other hand, flatters woman with a recognition of her principal attraction, the love of the young and the joy that comes with its touch.

Hans Makart’s The Five Senses, painted on commission but never sold.
Hans Makart - The five senses - Touching
Hans Makart - The five senses - Hearing
Hans Makart - The five senses - Seeing
Hans Makart - The five senses- Smelling
Hans Makart - The five senses - Tasting

 Hans MAKART ~The five senses 1872-79 ~Touching, Hearing, Seeing, Smelling and Tasting (toccare, ascoltare, guardare, odorare e gustare)

Hans Makart was born in Salzburg in 1840. He became celebrated for his richly colored historical and legendary themed paintings. His dreamy pictures, painted in a dramatic and sensual style, had an extraordinary way of revealing a subjects spiritual qualities. Blithe elegance, and an ethereal atmosphere characterize his insightful painting style. As a painter he admired the sculptures of the ancient Greeks as well as Renaissance painters. Public authorities often condemned his decadent nudes and scandalous portrayals of historical figures.
Makart was a popular man and a successful painter in Vienna. He was also known for the many outrageous parties he threw in his sumptuously appointed atelier. His studio was the place to be seen for European royalty, politicians, painters and writers.  He was the leading celebrity in Vienna and the Andy Warhol of his generation
Makart died in Vienna in 1884 and was buried at the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna.

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